Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peru Update #16

These are a few of the weekly updates that have been sent to PAC Tour riders getting ready for the tours in Peru.

#16 Peru Update

Odometers and Distances
Our laminated route cards will be listed in miles. Peru uses kilometers on their sign posts. On our tour there is usually only one road, so navigation is easy. The route cards are handy to know where our next roadside fruit stands or rest stops are located. If you bike has an odometer it should be set in miles.

Rest Stops and Support
Originally PAC Tour was going to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner and the riders were going to provide their own snacks during during the day. Since our group is fairly small I expect we will be together most of the time. Our support van will be able to provide a place for snacks and beverages. There will still be plenty of locations for riders to buy snacks along the road between rest stops. When we get on the boat we can plan a menu for our meals. If you want more snacks to nibble on in your cabin you can stockpile these supplies before we depart Yurimaguas. Salty food such as potato chips and fried banana chips are good to eat in the heat. On the boat I suggest you bring at east four liters of water for drinking and brushing teeth. There will be villages along the way to buy more snacks and drinks when the boat docks for five minutes to load bananas.

Pack In Only One Gear bag
When we load the trucks and taxies all your stuff has to fit in one gear bag. Make sure your backpacks, cameras and extra snacks all fit in your gear bag. Vioricka and Nayda will be transferring and moving these gear bags at the hotels. It is not fair to them to have to keep track of a ll your odds and ends. If you have a bike case, these cases will be moved in addition to your one gear bag. You may want to bring a small day pack for airline carry-on or when we go hiking in the jungle near Iquitos. You should always carry 2-3 bottles of fluid during your hikes. This day pack must still fit in your big gear bag while you are cycling.

Slow Down the Runs
A good precaution for traveling in Peru is to chew one Pepto-Bismal tablet each morning and evening. This is not an excuse for proper sanitation concerns but the Pepto-Bismal tablets will slow down your digestive problems to a manageable speed. The side effect is constipation, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids each day.
Start chewing your Pepto-Bismal tablets three days before you depart to Peru.

Side Note: We have had some tours where no one has been sick. We ate at restaurants, drank bottled water and washed our hands as often as possible. On a different tour the most sick rider was a strict vegetarian who would only eat raw foods. Eating salad that was washed in river water is not a good idea. You will probably stay healthier if you eat cooked food, packaged food and stay away from raw fresh food that you do not know how it was prepared. Peru has some delightful food made by roadside venders. It would be a shame to eat nothing but packaged Powerbars in Peru. I have never been sick from eating cooked food.



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