Monday, December 01, 2008

Peru Part 2

Puerto Ocopa Orphanage
The Puerto Ocopa Orphanage is located 300 miles due east of Lima on the other side of the Andes Mountains. We have ridden our bikes there in the past to deliver supplies to 80 kids in the jungle. We were not scheduled to visit there this year because of our busy schedule with other projects. I was surprised when the head Nun was waiting for me at our hotel in Lima. She had traveled to Lima to ask about helping the orphanage with some expenses this year. They need five more bunk beds and mattresses which cost $125 per bed. They also needed some cooking equipment and basic bags of food like rice and beans. The total price was $1,000. I said we could help with that amount this year.

Their wish list for the future included a bus trip for all the kids to travel to Lima. The costs for bus fare, daily food and lodging would cost about $3,000 for six days. I said that would be a good project in the future but we didn’t have that much in our budget for their travel at this time. We hope to include another tour to the orphanage to deliver supplies next year.

End part 2


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