Monday, January 11, 2010

Peru 2009 Part One

Peru Adventures 2009

Part One

My first trip to Peru was in December 1999. I went on an Amazon Riverboat Tour organized by a Chicago Museum. It was an interesting excursion but we were not allowed to mix with the local people. The next year I returned to Peru to explore new areas. I learned more about the culture and met people who could improve their lives with a little help. In 2002 PAC Tour began organizing tours to Peru that brought material improvements to different specific projects. With the help of the network of PAC Tour riders we have raised over $120,000 to be used on various projects. We return to Peru each year to monitor these projects and visit new areas that could use our help. The following updates are some of our recent adventures across Peru.

In October I arrived in Lima with my daughter Rebecca and her cousin Nicole.  We would be traveling together for ten days to Machu Picchu and Cusco. The bike tour over the mountains would begin next month and I needed a bike since I did not bring one from home. We went shopping and I bought my new mountain bike in Lima for $330.  The bike shop is in a market in a ten foot booth crammed with spare parts.  They assemble the new whole bike from pieces. My bike has a nice aluminum frame and decent parts.  Nothing special, but equal to a $500 bike in the United States. 

In the afternoon we took a 50 mile taxi ride to the town of Chosica. We were going to visit a little ten year old girl named Aracely at the girl’s orphanage.  We met her five years ago when she lived in the jungle. She is a smart kid and the best science student in her school class of 300 students.  Aracely has been suffering from some warts on her hands and ankles.  We made an appointment with a good dermatologist who was in charge of the Henry Ford hospital in Detroit and now runs a family clinic near Lima.  He gave Aracely’s warts a treatment of frozen nitrogen and topical medicine.  He said she should be better in two months. During our bike tour in three weeks we will visit the Girls Home again and take all the girls on shopping spree in the market to buy new clothes.  Aracely will be traveling with us on the tour and will be in charge of adding up the restaurant bill each day.



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