Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stuck in the Bathroom in Peru

Stuck in the Bathroom

Last night I was at a restaurant. I felt a touch of diareaha coming on so I went to the bathroom. The men’s room door was locked. I tried it again a few minutes later...it was still locked. It was starting to rain hard outside so I was it no hurry to leave. The people sitting at the table near the washrooms could see I was getting desperate by my frequent visits to try the door.

Finally I noticed the door was ajar. I went into the one hole room in a hurry. When I tried to leave the door was locked. I knocked and shook the door but no one could hear me.

The only way out was over the nine foot dividing room into the women's room. I jumped up and pulled myself up far enough to see into the women's room. There was no one there. I had been training for the Inca Trail back packing hike by doing 50-100 pull ups a day. Now I needed all my arm strength to pull myself over the top and lowered myself into the ladies room.

When I walked out the door the table of people next door wondered where I had come from. Now before I shut the door, I always check the lock and toilet paper supply.

I feel in good health and my foot blisters are fine. I am still making the four mile walk each way to downtown in the morning and afternoon. I stop by the same street vender each day and buy some of her ice tea. It tastes horrid, like it is made from Oak leaves and beef bouillon. But it is ice cold and a good place to stop for a drink. In the afternoon her ice has melted, but the tea still tastes as bad.



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