Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peru Update #17

These are a few of the updates that have been sent to PAC Tour riders getting ready for the tour in Peru next week.

Update #17

Our Arrival Schedule
Originally I thought most people were going to arrive Sunday night, October 21. As is worked out everyone was able to arrive Saturday, October 20 or before sunrise Sunday, October 31. We will be able to start the tour earlier and have a chance to spend more time seeing Lima.

Arrival in Lima Hotel
When we arrive in Lima we will be staying at the Carmel Hotel in the Mira Flores District of Lima. It is about a 40-45 minute taxi drive from the airport. The address is:

Hotel Carmel
Atahualpa Street 152 - Miraflores
Lima 18 - Perú
Telephone (51-1) 241-8672
Fax (51-1) 241-8632

They have a slide show on the INTERNET at:

The Hotel Carmel is our best hotel of the tour. Don’t be fooled that all Peru hotels are this nice. Our jungle hotels are much more basic.

Here is a rough schedule of our first 48 hours.

Vioricka and Cristhain arrive from Iquitos and Piura, Peru Saturday morning October 20.

Lothar and Terry arrive Saturday night, October 20

Susan, Peggy and Veronica arrive early Sunday, October 21 before sunrise.

Aracely and Nayda will arrive at our hotel at 1:00 PM Sunday, October 21

When you arrive at the airport your bicycle will be stored in “Left Luggage” until we retrieve it Monday before our flight to Tarapoto. Do not put anything in your bike case you will need at the hotel in Lima.

We all stay at the Carmel Hotel and can sleep late after a long night of travel. Breakfast is served at the hotel if you get up early. There are several good restaurants near the hotel if you want to get lunch in downtown Mira Flores.

Our tour will begin at 2:00 PM Sunday afternoon. We will take 2 or 3 taxies and go to the used book market in Lima. This market has several block of venders selling old text books, encyclopedias, novels plus a bunch of new paper back books. There we will buy an assortment of books to deliver to remote schools along the Amazon River during our boat tour. If you have room in your gear bag for a shoe box size stack of books, we can bundle these books for delivery. For example: 20 books the size of Reader’s Digest fit in one shoe box. We will buy as many bundles of books as we have room to carry without going over weight on the airlines. When we arrive in Tarapoto there is an office supply store where we can buy notebooks and pencils for the schools without having to ship them on the airplane.

After our shopping trip we will return to our hotel around 6:00 PM. We can clean up and be ready for dinner at 7:00 PM. There is a nice open air restaurant with great food located about 4 blocks from our hotel. I have several English speaking friends in Lima who will join us for dinner. This will give you a good chance to talk Peruvian politics and customs with the locals.

Lima City Tour
The next morning your Lima City Bus Tour begins from the hotel at 8:00 PM. There will be English and Spanish speaking guides since Nayda, Aracely and Cristhain will be with your group and they do not speak good English. Before you depart you will bring your one gear bag to the hotel lobby. You can take your backpack and camera with on the city tour. While you are on the tour Vioricka and I will transport your gear bag to the airport. Vioricka an I have seen the Lima Tour many times so we will move the luggage to the airport. At about noon your city tour will end and Nayda and Cristhain will arrange for you to take two taxies to the airport.

Lunch at the Airport
After we check our bikes and bags a good place to eat lunch is the food court at the airport. They have an assortment of restaurants that are fast and filling.

Flight to Tarapoto
We will fly to Tarapoto at 2:30 PM. When we arrive our friend Berny will take us to our hotel. We can check into our rooms and begin to assemble our bikes. I suggest we test ride our bikes before it gets dark at 6:30 PM.

Shopping for Snack Food
There is a great grocery store in Tarapoto that sells Gatorade, snacks and other items for our boat dinners. The grocery store in Tarapoto is really bad so we should stock up on items we want for our meals on the boat.

Getting on the Boat
We should get on the boat at sundown Thursday night, October 25. It is a 40 hour trip down river to Nauta so we should be getting off the boat at sunrise on Saturday, October 27. The book could depart earlier and travel faster and arrive at Nauta at 3:00 AM. If we get to Nauta earlier, we will need to wait until sunrise at 6:00 AM to start riding.

Arrival in Iquitos
When we depart the boat in the town of Nauta, we will ride 100 kilometers on pavement to Iquitos. Your gear bag and bike cases will stay on the boat to Iquitos and be delivered to our hotel downtown. The boat takes about 6 hours to reach Iquitos from Nauta. Nayda and Aracely and Vioricka’s brother will unload the gear bags from the boat. It will take us about 8 hours to ride our bikes to Iquitos including a visit to a possible school building project and eating lunch at the zoo. We will arrive at our hotel in late afternoon and have time to take a long shower and wash clothes after the boat trip. I expect we will e ready for dinner by 7:30 PM. The next several days in Iquitos are flexible. We have several different things to consider. We can discuss this schedule when we are on the boat and after we arrive in Iquitos.

Please use both these e-mail for me when I am traveling in Peru starting October 15th. and

DO NOT use my normal address please.



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