Monday, January 11, 2010

Peru Part....12


Conditions at the Orphanage
The conditions at the orphanage seem to be improving from the first time we visited there in 2004. There are sixty kids at the orphanage now which is twenty less than past years. This is allowing for more food and supplies per child. There are new lights in many of the rooms. The beds we bought two years ago are helping solve the crowded sleeping space. The living conditions are still very basic and the children take a bath in the river each afternoon. The food we supplied will support the orphanage for about 30 days. The clothes and materials should last the kids about six months. The orphanage is so secluded it is difficult to contact them by telephone or postal mail. The only contact they have with the outside world is when one of the nuns travels to Satipo every two weeks and she can check her e-mail or use her cell phone. It would be good if we can continue to support the Puerto Occopa Orphanage because they are forgotten by most other organizations. In the future when we travel there the nuns said they will provide a personal escort in each taxi for our group to be sure no one thinks we are collecting body parts.


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