Monday, January 11, 2010

Peru Part...9


Shopping for the Orphanage
We arrived at the town of Satipo by late afternoon. There were eleven children from the Puerto Occopa Orphanage and two nuns waiting for us at our hotel. I recognized some of the kids from our visits during the past five years. They treated me as an old friend with hugs and kisses that is the custom in Peru. After our reunion we began making plans for our shopping trip to buy supplies for the orphanage. We divided our group and children into teams of five people each. Each team would be responsible for one of the following categories; bulk food, clothing, hardware, school supplies, toys and games. Each team had money for their share of the budget. Most of the funds were used for food and clothing. We had a busy two hours of organizing and selecting the various items in each category. Everything went on schedule and we stayed within the budget. After our shopping trip we all met for dinner at a Satipo Oriental restaurant. It was a good way to end a busy day.


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