Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iquitos Hotel

It is hot again...it’s always hot...like a summer night in St. Louis. I must be the only sweating. The locals can tell I’m an American. I am dripping from the moment I go outside my air conditioned hotel room until I can return to the artificial climate inside again.

There are political demonstrations downtown and the police have closed about six blocks of streets. Nothing violent, just lots of drums and marching. Nothing against the United States. They don't like the president of Peru. Many of the people here are sad for the USA and the terrorist attacks. They say it has cut their tourism in half.

My $10 motel room is simple but okay. Very basic with a cement floor and the bathroom sink is in the shower. The shower only has cold water because the electric heater on the shower head doesn't work. It doesn't matter because the tap water is about 80 degrees anyway and you don’t need hot water.

My room is very clean..no bugs...but I do have a six inch lizard that eats them all. I notice the lizard on the walls and curtains sometimes, but he doesn't bother me. I bought a new towel and a small rug to wipe the sand off my shoes. I also bought a scrub brush to wash the bottoms of my shoes each night. The mud in the streets is orange and thick. Similar to pottery clay that dried like concrete.



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