Thursday, October 11, 2007

Peru Update #13

The following are some random updates that have been sent to riders going on the Amazon Cycling Tour next week. I hope they give you some insight into the conditions and people we will meet along the way.

Update #13
Weird Things to Bring to Peru and Why

As you are getting your clothes and supplies packed for our Peru Tour, here are a few more items to consider bringing. Some of these items were suggested on your previous packing list.

_____ Ten feet of lightweight clothes line. Washing and drying clothes in Peru will need to be done whenever you can find a good water supply. Bring clothes that can be washed with shampoo in the shower and will dry quickly.

_____ Two plastic clothes hangers

_____ Six clothes pins

_____ Rubber sandals like TEVAS or flip flops for walking in dirty showers or bathrooms on the boat.

_____ Small flashlight when the electricity goes out in your room.

_____ Small 3 inch scrub brush for muddy shoes...brushes can be bought in the Peru market

_____ Light weight bike cable lock. You might need to lock your bike at roadside restaurants. I made good traveling cable lock from a 5 foot piece of plastic covered brake cable wire. To lock my bike I use a small luggage lock . Let me know if you need a cable lock and I can make you one and bring it to Peru for you. You should bring your own luggage type lock.

_____ Small favorite pillow. The pillows in Peru are similar to bags of flour and very firm and hurt your ears. Pack your pillow in a compression bag in your gearbag.

_____Small umbrella similar to the “Totes” style double folding kind. They cost about $9.00 at Walmart and are good for walking downtown in the rain when it is too hot to wear a rain coat.

_____ Should you bring water bottles, a Camelbak or neither? We will be buying bottles of water as our water source. Ice is scarce but we will buy enough to keep our drinks cool in the ice chests. We will also buy some bottles of soda and Gatorade. These bottles fit well in bicycle water bottle cages so you could carry these plastic bottles on your bike.

_____ Seat bag for your bicycle with enough room to carry a raincoat, inner tubes, simple bike tools and some room for packaged snacks.

Other optional things to buy in Peru. You can get by without them, but they are good souvenirs.

_____ Hammock for on the boat deck. They are nice place to sit during the day. Costs about $12.

_____ Colorful lightweight blanket for your hammock. Costs about $10

_____ Wool or Alpaca sweaters and blankets are available for sale when we return to Lima. It is better to buy these before your return flight home so you don’t need to carry them on the tour.



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