Monday, January 11, 2010

Peru Part....14


Business Report
We are evaluating our existing projects and deciding how much support we can give each project during the upcoming months. We still have about $10,000 in the bank we can divide between the jungle schools, the Puerto Occopa Orphanage and the new water project near Cusco. The water well project could cost about $12,000 depending on the support from the local government. We will probably specify our money is used for materials so we can document how our money was spent. The schools in the jungle both need more school supplies. The new Joe Pulley School would like to build a rain water collection system on the roof which will cost about $1,500. The Jack Wolff School has electricity and they would like to get a copy machine and more updated office equipment for about $2,000. Their school also needs a coat of paint which will cost $500. We will continue to support rural schools with books from the Anne Marie McSweeney Book Delivery Project.

The Puerto Occopa Orphanage needs about $2,000 per month for food and supplies. We can’t afford to support them year around but we should be able to send them some food money during the next few months. Based on our current fund raising goals of $15,000 per year we should be able to continue to support all these projects with equal amounts. I don’t think we can afford to begin a new school at this time because that would mean cutting back on support to existing projects.

We have managers for each project in Peru who I trust to spend the money as intended. Some donations are given for specific projects and we will use those donations as required. We thank everyone for your continued support of these Peru Projects. Even though these people are far away they want you to know they appreciate your help and they remember you as friends.

TAX Deductible Donation:

Christ Lutheran Church Peru Fund
P.O. Box 303
Sharon, WI 53585



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