Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Favorite Peru Movies

“Why do you go to Peru?” I am often asked.

It is difficult to give a short answer. The more times I have been to Peru (12 so far) the more difficult it is to answer why. Each time I go to Peru the experiences change. Even the most routine and planned tours always have life changing situations I couldn’t anticipate.

I am not a big movie watcher. I can sit through two or three per year. I have seen a few that have inspired me and changed the way I look at Peru.

If you get a chance to rent these movies on DVD you will have some idea of my favorite landscapes of Peru. During our next tour we will be traveling through many of these type areas.

“Fritzcarraldo” 1982
Based on the exploitation of the Amazon region rubber plantations in the early 1900s. This film shows the contrast of cultures and values as one man seeks his fortune so he can bring the Italian Opera to the jungle. Most of the film follows the struggle of trying to transport a 100 foot boat up river through the land of head hunting Indian tribes. Filmed on location in Iquitos, Peru there are still many of the landmarks visible in the city. Great scenery and story but this three hour movie could have told the story in two hours. Enjoy the extra hour of footage as way to see some interesting jungle scenes.

“The Emerald Forest” 1985
This movie is ctually based near Brazil but the jungle theme is similar to Peru. The young son of a white construction developer is kidnapped and raised by a remote tribe of Indians. After ten years the father and son are reunited. The son shows his father the ways of the Indians and why their way of life is worth preserving in the jungle. Today these tribes no longer live in Peru but the film is a good documentation of Indian life that was common 50-100 years ago.

“Motorcycle Dairies” 2004
Based on the true dairies of Ernesto “Che” Guevaro in 1952 before he became Fidal Castro’s buddy. This is not a political film but is what changed young Ernesto to lead a revolution to help the poor people of South America. One of the best road trip movies of all time as Ernesto and his friend make an 8,000 mile loop around the tip of South America on a broken motorcycle. The plight of Peruvian miners in the arid Andes and the leper colonies on the Amazon River can still be seen today.

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If I have time I will try to update this blog with some updates from Peru. If not I will be posting a series of stories when I return.



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