Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lon in Peru April 2008

I just wanted to give you some quick updates before I go to Peru tomorrow. I will be traveling all night and arriving Monday morning at sunrise in Lima. I have a bunch of things to check out in Lima concerning our tours in November. I will be meeting with our local guides who will help with our stay over in Lima before traveling into the jungle towns.

I will also be going to see the little girl Arasely at the Chosica Foster Home. It is Arasely's 9th birthday this week I we are going to arrange a party for her and 20 other girls at a restaurant with birthday cake and balloons. Arasely has been taking some extra English classes at a private school so I hope she can speak better English when I see her.

On Wednesday I will be flying into the jungle to Iquitos. I will be going to visit the School of the Dolphins we helped build four years ago. Vioricka said the new teachers and directors are working together better. The country of Spain has helped donate more money for school repairs. Since there are 500 kids there now they have expanded to morning, afternoon and night classes for different age groups.

I will also be scouting the progress of the new school at KM 46 which is 30 miles further into the jungle. The rainy season has slowed the work making cement but the construction continues everyday. Classes started April 15th. I will take lots of photos and find out how much working is needed to finish the school.

There are two college age teachers from Boston (Sybil and Joe) who will be going to teach English at the KM 46 school starting May 27. They will stay and live at the village for three months. I want to see the house and living conditions in the village. The village is very friendly and helpful to provide housing and food from the jungle for Sybil and Joe. However the village reminds me of being on the television show SURVIVOR. I am sure Sybil and Joe will have a some good stories from their stay in the jungle.

Concerning the tours for next November, I will have a lot more details ready when I return home in two weeks. I will start sending you updates about the tours and what to start planning for. If you need to reach me in Peru before May 1st you can contact me at...

More updates later.



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