Tuesday, January 15, 2008

School Building Updates from Peru

The following are some updates from Vioricka Rodriguez who lives in Iquitos, Peru. Vioricka is managing the the construction of the new school in the jungle 30 miles outside Iquitos. More updates will be posted in the next several months as the school buiding nears completion.

December 20, 2007
Good morning Lon,
I understand that is possible to make the school of the children at KM 46. It is a great blessing to give them hope of a better future. We here to make this a reality and make possible for all those children who never went to the school. They do not know to read nor to write. Now they have the opportunity to learn and to go to the school to give them hope them of a future.

Vioricka Rodriques, Iquitos Peru

January 2, 2008,
Hello Lon,
Good I understand Lon, that we want the same thing in helping the children of the village of “New Triumph” located at KM 46. Thanks to your friends that we can do a pretty school. I am working a lot with the documents for the new school. My dad is also helping me now.

The $10,000 dollars you send in December is for buying the materials. I am seeking and selecting the better prices for the purchases of the materials. The parents of family of the village “New Triumph” are enthusiastic so much. They are thinking they are blessed so their children can go to the school this year.

In the future I will send the photos so that you can show your friends. I am measuring the costs with the money. I will take the photos and I send them to you so that see. I understand that want to come to see the school in April. This is good for that then we will celebrate the inauguration of the school with his visit.

Vioricka Rodriques, Iquitos Peru

January 15, 2008
Hello Lon,
I return from the km. 46 village. I was organizing with my papa the works. I caught a bad cold by the constant rains that are in the jungle now. There is much mud to walk 2 miles to the village. This week my papa work at the school location without me until I recover . We are working busy to finish to level the land. You recall that the land has many tree stumps. Therefore we are trying to prepare the land to be able to begin with the construction. We do not finish fixing the land yet but the work goes very well. If you have some question, I am here to answer you all your questions.




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