Monday, May 05, 2008

Cycling Clothing Donations

Cycling Clothing Donations Useful
For the past three years PAC Tour riders have donated over 500 jerseys, shorts and pieces of equipment which have been sent to cycling clubs in Africa and Peru. Recently I was able to attend a bike race in Iquitos. There were four races for different age groups. I recognized an assortment of donated jerseys and shorts that we had sent. The riders are very grateful to receive the cycling clothing and parts.

On November 16th, 2008 the local clubs are organizing a 60 mile road race on the only paved road in the area. Over 100 racers are expected to attend. There will be police motorcycle escorts and a big finish line stage in the center of Iquitos. Each racer who finishes the event will have their choice of a donated cycling jersey we will bring to Peru. The national television station in Peru has already aired a story about the Americans coming to race in this event. This will be a fun event for them and the riders on our tour.

All these Peru Project are going well. The people of Peru want to send you a big thank for your donations of money and equipment to make these projects possible.


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