Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peru Projects Business Report

Business Report
During these past Projects in Peru we spent $6,000. We still have $4,000 in the bank for the “Christ Lutheran Church Peru Fund”. We want to maintain some cash for projects in the next few months. The next expense will be a graduation ceremony at the Jack Wolff School for the oldest high school students and the students graduating from junior high to high school. The village has requested $500 for awards, diplomas and a graduation lunch for about 200 students.

We spent $1,500 on a generator for the Joesph Pulley school to pump a water well. We still need to complete the water tower storage tank that will hold 500 gallons up on the roof. I expect the water tower will cost about $1,500 more.
The Chosica Girls Home is moving to a new building. They could use some better kitchen appliances. We are waiting for specific needs. They need better food besides powdered milk and rice. The Girls Home will need about $2,000 in improvements for the coming year. The roof for the Jack Wolff School should be repaired soon. This project will cost a minimum of $700 for a quick fix to $10,000 to replace the roof.

Altogether our goal is to raise $8,000 to $10,000 for these projects during the next year.

Tax deductible checks should be payable to:
Christ Lutheran Church Peru Fund

Thank you for all your help this past year.


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