Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peru School Number 2

Joesph Pulley School
Three years ago we built another school further in the jungle at kilometer #46. This school is in a very rural area and we had to walk the final three miles on a slippery muddy trail to get there. It is located in a jungle setting with only a few huts within one mile. Most of the kids need to walk several kilometers from all directions through the jungle to reach the clearing where the school is located.

We went to the school to see the status of the construction and school supplies. The building is in fine shape and the local residents use the building as a common meeting point. We bought a supplies of notebooks and books for the classrooms. One of the more inspirational moments of our visit came when a twelve year old girl stood up in from of the class and read a one page story. Last year she didn’t know how to read. She was a good example that the school is making a difference in the lives of kids who would not have the chance to get an education.


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