Monday, May 05, 2008

New Teachers in Peru

New Teachers Arriving
Sybil Copp and Joe Murphy are English teachers from Boston. They are finishing college and wanted to teach at the new school in Peru. On May 25th they will be traveling to the KM 46 school to live in the village. This is a great opportunity for the children at the school to learn English from real teachers who speak the language. I have to give Sybil and Joe a lot of credit for wanting to live in the village. There are no bathrooms, showers or drinking water. We have offered them an allotment of $100 per week to buy drinking water, some packaged food and a cheap motel room in Iquitos to take a hot shower one night per week. They will also be writing a weekly Blog they can post on the Internet from Iquitos each week. These reports will be listed on the PAC Tour website starting June 1st. I am sure they will have many unique stories to share.


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