Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New School Roof Needed

Roof Repairs
While we were painting the classrooms we noticed the ceiling wood was water damaged in several areas. The problem is water leaking under the sheet metal roof panels when the wind blows the rain horizontal. We looked at several ways to fix the problem which have varying degrees of cost and effectiveness. One way to patch the roof is with a roofing tar that will seal the metal joints (cost $700). Another fix is to replace the roof panels with new interlocking sheets of fish scale type metal panels (cost $3,500). The best and most expensive fix is to change the roof pitch to a steep grade and then replace the roof panels ($10,000). If any of these outside roof repairs are made we will probably need to replace the inside ceiling plywood panels in the future for an extra cost of $2,000. The school said they would like to start the repairs in January when the school is closed for two months for vacation. Depending on how much money we can raise before January will determine the type of repair we can provide.


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