Monday, May 05, 2008

Peru Finance Report

Business Report
There are seven full time workers who are professional masons and carpenters. They come from a different village and are living in the New Triumph community house now. The village is providing them with meals and a place to sleep. They also receive $10 per day for their labor. Their agreement is to build the school in 80 days for $70 per day or $5,600 total in labor. At first I didn’t think we could afford the labor costs. After seeing how hard they are working in the jungle conditions I think paying their labor is a bargain.

The school budget is on schedule to complete the school for $55,000. The main variable is the slipping value of the dollar which has dropped 10% since January. After the main classrooms are built, the school budget allows for separate bathrooms and a living hut for the teachers. The bathrooms and teachers hut might have to wait until we get more money in the future. After the school is completed it will have 200 students arriving from rural jungle homes.


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